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About Us

From humble beginnings, I started my apprenticeship with my dad, David Davidson, in November 1992.

We mainly did cottage work. He showed me there was money to be made if you were willing. What I most liked is what you could do to your own house, as i'd seen my dad turn an old place into a palace on more than one occasion. I was hooked.

Novacoast was formed in 2001, coming off myself (Paul Davidson), working as a sole trader since June 1998.

As times changed the company was born to make the step up to commercial work.

As the jobs got bigger, so did we, from myself, my labourer and german shepherd (Max) to having full time staff of at least 12 brickies, sometimes more.

At Novacoast, we have prided ourselves on doing all facets of masonry.

From your large commercial development to residential work, units, retaining walls, ornamental facades, repairs and insurance work.